Peripheral Vascular Disease

Best Peripheral Vascular Disease Treatment in Jaipur

Peripheral Vascular diseases are cured by performing peripheral angioplasty. It is a safer alternative to surgery as it is minimally invasive and requires a small cut. The recovery time after the treatment is also less. In this process, a cardiologist uses a catheter tube with an attached balloon to one end. This tube is gently guided to the affected site and is blown in to inflate the balloon. Its swelling flattens the plaque and makes place for normal blood flow through the vessel. Sometimes, the heart specialists also place a stent in the artery. A stent is a small mesh-like device that helps keep the blood vessel open and prevents narrowing. Some important benefits of this procedure include

- A shorter recovery period.
- An immediate symptomatic relief from chest pain, breathlessness or fatigue.
- It reduces the risk of heart stroke.
- Restores blood flow to legs and prevents gangrene.

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